ComfortSlings® allow the breast to rest on a soft cushion to keep the area dry and to prevent skin-to-skin rubbing and abrasion. The exceptionally soft fabric, created especially for ComfortSlings®, is treated with properties to wick away moisture and to discourage bacteria growth. The straps use sliders rather than elasticity to make them fully adjustable without putting any pressure on the neck or on the sore areas beneath the breast.

The slings are created to be worn when one is not wearing a bra. The best safeguard is to wear the slings as many hours as possible - especially while sleeping. The perfect supplement to the slings is the Strapless Cushions, which are worn inside the bra cup when one is out and about, thus giving women 24-hour protection.

Sizing is determined by shirt sizes, not bra sizes. The regular size is for women wearing size 12 or smaller; plus size will fit women from size 14 through women's size XXX. The extra-plus size is for women size XXX or larger.

ComfortSlings® Single Sling, devised primarily for women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer, is worn cross-body. Wearing ComfortSlings® from the onset of radiotherapy, even before any side effects have begun to appear, is the most effective way to minimize excessive side effects to the skin. The ComfortSlings® Single Sling is available in two sizes: plus size (which fits all women through size 12) and Extra Plus Size for women who need more skin coverage.

ComfortSlings® Double Sling was created primarily for women suffering from various under-breast irritations, rashes and burns from causes other than radiation therapy. However, many cancer patients prefer to purchase the double sling rather than the single sling so they can continue to enjoy its benefits long after radiation therapy has ended. Two length adjustable straps are joined at the back to join a "y"; the soft cushions, tucked beneath each breast, are held in place by the weight of the breast. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

The ComfortSlings® Double Sling is available in both regular and plus sizes. There is NO extra-plus size available, but two extra-plus single slings, worn cross-body, serve exactly the same purpose as a double sling. ComfortSlings® Strapless Cushion, as a supplement to the single and double slings, is worn inside the bra cup. (Some women may find it necessary to wear a bra with a band beneath the underwire to prevent the Strapless Cushions from slipping out of place). The Strapless Cushioned Pads are in all three sizes: regular, plus, extra-plus. The straps and the cushion fill are 100%polyester; the outer shell of the cushion is 85% polyester / 15% spandex. If recommended care is followed: hand-wash in cold water and air-dry to protect the wicking and antimicrobial treatment, the slings and cushions should have a long life.


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