Baseplates & Overlays


Klarity offers a large selection of baseplates & overlays that provide accurate positioning and improved patient comfort. Compatible with a variety of couches and systems, Klarity also offers baseplates and overlays that are compatible with standard masks and head support systems. Systems with specialized compatibility are also available.


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  • Highest degree of stability for the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Ideal for IMRT and conformal treatments in a 360º arc
  • Dual configured for adult and pediatric treatments
  • Extremely lightweight, and adjustable hand grips
  • Compatible with all S-type masks.


  • Improved, modern system for prone breast treatment
  • Easily be flipped for right- and left-side treatments
  • Torso stabilization options provide heightened comfort
  • Advanced indexing and superior control for patients of all sizes
  • Quick setup and makes it easy to reproduce positions


  • Lightweight, highly indexable, and easily adjustable
  • Hand-grip holes on either side for easy placement and hanging
  • Indexes to the couch top in two places
  • Scalloped edges allow the belly and knee bridges to be fixed
  • Height of the belly and knee bridges can be adjusted quickly
  • Bridges lock and unlock without fuss
    Equipped with an ergonomic belly compression paddle designed


  • Superior carbon fiber composition
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Minimal attenuation
  • Adjustable arm supports
  • Engineered for quick setup
  • CT compatible


  • Secure arm support
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Low attenuation


  • Allows for multiple treatment options
  • Made of strong and durable carbon fiber
  • Lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all U-frame and O-type masks


Different head baseplates for multiple treatment options.

  • Locking carbon fiber baseplate
  • Comfortable and natural leg positioning
  • Reproducible shoulder suppression
  • Designed for a quick, simple setup


  • Compatable with large, single thermoplastic sheets
  • Immobilize patients entire abdominal and pelvic region at once
  • Indexable setup and can be adjusted to fit each patient




  • Sized for smaller patients
  • Dual configured for both pediatric and adolescent treatment
  • Immobilize the head, neck, shoulders, thorax, and pelvis
  • Whole-body irradiation
  • Custom vacuum bags attach to the baseplate for further customization
  • Works with all standard S-type and O-type masks


  • Exact parallel positioning on existing couch
  • Raised to fit main coils
  • Full table size
  • High rigidity