Introducing Smart ID


SmartID is a revolutionary web-based inventory management system for radiation protection apparel. The system allows hospital staff members to access details on each radiation protection product in their inventory directly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Each item is tagged with a unique QR code that can be scanned with your smartphone (or any device with a QR reader). Once the QR code has been scanned, staff members will have access to product details, a virtual image of the product and complete inspection reports for that product. Its that simple, no special software or equipment is required. Labels are provided at no cost and are located in a position that does not come into contact with your body.

About SmartID

The built-in inspection history record distinguishes SmartID from other systems. The inspection history report maintains a cumulative record of inspection dates and inspection results for each product in inventory. You can easily print or export the data to a spreadsheet as needed. The system can also be used to manage the inspection process with customizable parameters, such as reminder dates and inspection due dates, for sending notifications when products in inventory are due for inspection.

Key Features


Each SmartID account has one superuser. Your superuser is responsible for all inventory in the system. Companies with multiple departments can set up department users to help manage each departments inventory. Setting up department users is easy and only requires filling out a set up form.

Detailed Screen for Individual Items

All radiation protection apparel data is entered into the system with an image of the item.

Colour Coding

Items in your inventory are colour coded by last inspection date. This allows your superuser to set up notifications to show coding time intervals. The system will also notify you by email when your product is nearing its inspection due date.

Active Inventory

From this screen you may search your inventory or sort it by any displayed column. This screen will show you all of your current active inventory.

Removed Inventory

Removed Inventory is where all products that are taken out of service, failed inspection or missing are stored. Removed inventory will always show a record and will never be deleted.

The Scan Log

The Scan Log stores the entire inspection history of your apron. At each inspection, the user simply selects the Pass or Fail button. The user’s name and date is then automatically recorded in the log after hitting the Update Scan Results button, all of which may be done from your mobile device.

If there is a suspicious area found, an image may be uploaded to the scan log for an RSO or Supervisor to review directly from your mobile device.

Exporting Your Complete Inventory Information

With SmartID, your data is always available. Easily export your complete inventory to an Excel file at any time, whether just for extra backup, or to import to another management program. The data can be sorted by department or by items on the list.

Special Edit Features of SmartID

If a QR code number is entered incorrectly you can use the delete record button that can be found on the Product Information Screen. This will allow you to delete the incorrect QR code and put in the proper QR code number.

If a label has been removed or is no longer visible you can use the relabel button, this will allow you to go into your inventory screen under Product Information and click the relabel button and assign the old QR code number with a new QR code number.

If an apron is taken out of service, and a new apron needs to be ordered just select the reorder button which is located in the scan log feature. A quote will be requested for a new apron.

Additional Information

  • No software installation or IT involvement required. For mobile access, simply download any free QR reader app to your device.

  • No special hardware required. This means no costly upgrades of proprietary hardware or software.

  • Software available at no cost to hospital partners in exchange for a non-binding commitment to purchase approximately 80% of protective apparel from Ultraray.

  • Tags are available for existing & new inventory at no extra cost.

  • Secure tier-4 cloud based data storage.

“Jon & his team were amazing to work with. Over three days and three different hospital campuses & in 20 locations, they tagged & entered almost 800 lead devices, into the SmartID software using IPhones & IPads. This is a testament to their dedication, effort and work ethic. Without them it would have taken us months to complete this task. I would recommend Jon, the Ultraray team and SmartID without reservation.”

The Ottawa Hospital