Ultradrape is a uniquely designed, sterile, dual-action barrier and securement dressing for use during UGPIV procedures.


UGPIV has been shown to improve IV success rates, decrease the number of percutaneous punctures and decrease the time required to achieve IV access. However, cleaning ultrasound transmission gel from patient prior to IV securement takes considerable time when done correctly. Inversely, inadequate removal of transmission gel may lead to securement dressing failure, requiring more frequent dressing changes. Research indicates contamination rates increase with the frequency of dressing lines.It was engineered to facilitate a user-friendly, no-touch aseptic procedure while


  • Minimizing securement failure

  • Offering a streamlined approach to barrier and securement without compromising on efficacy

  • Reducing procedure cost when compared with use of a sterile gel and sterile cover

  • Eliminating time-consuming clean up


UltraDrape Product Information Sheet


Manufactured by Parker