Headrest AccuCushions


Klarity AccuCushions™ are advanced indexing tools that provide secure, customized head and neck support for patients. These cushions are made from low-density thermoplastic-based materials that become soft and pliable when heated in an oven or water bath. After heating, AccuCushions™ offer warm and comforting support that has a calming effect on most patients.


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20 x 25 cm
Our standard AccuCushion™. Designed to be used with a Silverman headrest, the R550-M cushion is our most popular size and is best suited for standard head and neck support.


15 x 20 cm
A smaller version of the R550-M, this small cushion is appropriate for patients with smaller head sizes, including pediatric and adolescent patients.


20 x 30 cm
This AccuCushion™ has a slightly wider base of support for greater support under the head and neck as well as improved indexing. The M1 works well on the Q headrest or a standard Silverman headrest.


20 x 43 cm
The R550-L is a long, versatile AccuCushion™ that offers multiple types of custom support. It can be used to mold around the arm and wrist as well as other extremities that require customized positioning. This cushion can also be used under the head and neck with a standard Silverman headrest, providing a long line of support that extends from the C-spine to the crown of the head.


25 x 35 cm
The M3 AccuCushion™ is slightly wider and longer than other standard AccuCushions™, making it ideal for use with deeper headrests. The M3 works well in situations requiring customized tilt and pitch of the head and neck.




40 x 60 cm
Our largest AccuCushion™ adapts well in situations requiring a large support base. The cushion can be molded around the extremities, or it can be used for full-torso support or extra pelvic cushioning.