Transport Stretchers

We provide transport stretchers that are functionally and aesthetically customizable. As well as providing substantial clinical value and return on investment based on days in service and clinical functionality.


-Lowest cost of ownership over 10+ years
-Functional design with comprehensive options & accessories
-30+ years of service, 20+ with minimal preventative maintenance


Our transport stretchers boast an industry best cost of ownership. Offering highly competitive initial values and inexpensive replacement parts, we save you money. In addition, with an average of more than 10 years cost-free maintenance, and with even the smallest components inventoried for your replacement needs, our transport stretchers offer more than 20 years of functional service.

Designed with efficiency in mind, our patient transport stretchers offer accessible options for large and small spaces, suited to your clinical requirements. Unique features like Accu-Steer, Easy-Glide, Ergo-Lift, Posi-Lock, Knee-Lift, Zero-Clearance and Drop-Rail side rails, 4-sided access, and customer and department identification decals all serve to optimize efficiency.